Jukebox Juke Britannia CD – LE

Jukebox Juke Britannia CD – LE

Full Size Dome Top - CD Jukebox - Juke Britannia - Limited Edition

Denna modell är för cdskivor.

The entire cabinet is decked out in the Union Jack, right down to the matching front door and knuckles. Inside is the power of our SL15 model with 80 CD changer, stereo amplifier and custom speakers, and bluetooth connection kit as standard. So whatever version of God Save the Queen you're playing, you're guaranteed a great sound!

The Juke Britannia is a limited edition model: we're only making 99. Each will have a plaque bearing its serial number, and the proud owners will receive a framed certificate.

Möjligheten finns att även koppla upp sin favorit musikspelare via blåtand.


21st Century 80 disc Jukebox CD Mechanism (simplest in the world)
D4 Digital Amplifier : 4 Channels, 60W RMS per channel
2 x tweeter, 2 x mid range and 1 x 12" Twin cone bass speaker
Option to connect additional external speakers
Integrated Bluetooth connection kit
Remote Control for home use
80 disc rotating display title rack
Shuffle play facility
2 stereo auxiliary audio inputs.
1 stereo audio output.

Height: 1550mm
Width: 850mm
Depth: 700mm
Weight: 130KG

Jukeboxarna tillverkas i England efter beställning.







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